Instructor Certification (EPIC)

ACCA’s Educational Program in Instructor Certification (EPIC) – A “train the trainer” course for experienced HVAC professionals.

Are you an experienced vocational instructor or HVAC professional who is looking to take your career to the next level? If so, EPIC may be an option for you. EPIC is an extremely intensive four-day class that is taught by Hank Rutkowski (author and editor of ACCA’s technical manuals) and are offered just twice a year. We can’t stress enough that this class IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Please see the information below to ascertain if you are a good fit for this course.

Upcoming Classes

There are no classes currently scheduled. Please check back soon for new classes.

Who It's For

Residential EPIC classes certify vocational instructors and HVACR professionals to teach residential heating and cooling system design principles using ACCA industry standard manuals and materials from ACCA’s Environmental Systems Library.

Who should attend: This course is geared toward people who are already instructors/vocational teachers, but can be applicable to contractors, design and utility personnel, wholesalers, energy commission, licensing, and government officials who are committed to advancing their careers by becoming certified in HVAC systems design.

How do I know if I am qualified to attend?

The below check-list offers an idea of what skills are required to take the EPIC course.

I have advanced working knowledge or expertise in the following:

__ undertaking a load calculation (e.g., Manual J; have taken the ACCA Residential Design for Quality Installation course in person or online)

__ using expanded OEM performance data for cooling equipment and heat pumps; drawing balance point diagrams for heat pumps; reading/using blower tables (e.g., Manual S procedures),

__ performing duct sizing calculations (e.g., Manual D) for constant volume systems including the use of duct sizing slide rules,

__ using supply air outlet tables to select and size supply air hardware (e.g., Manual T),

__ various forms of operating and safety controls,

__ have successfully used this information to design HVAC systems for real-world dwellings or class room simulations

__ with utilizing a Windows-based laptop and I am able to bring a laptop to use during the class (a Windows-based laptop IS REQUIRED)

Still not sure if this class is for you? Click here to download a full PDF of prerequisites and requirements for attending this advanced train the trainer course.

NOTE: If you do not have the above exposures, you are not a good fit for this course. You should consider starting with the ACCA Residential Design for Quality Installation on-line or in-person class instead. Click here for information.

Classroom Environment & Test

EPIC certification requires that you attend the classroom session (held only 1-2 times a year at ACCA headquarters near DC).

This class is intense and covers a great deal of information. Attendees are given a flash drive that has the necessary reference material to follow with the class topics. Once the class concludes, you must pass an exhaustive, comprehensive take-home examination. ACCA has a policy that addresses EPIC test grading and retesting if so needed. Click here to download the policy. The examination must be completed with a passing grade within one year of taking the class.

To ensure that instructors remain abreast of changing technology needs, effective 2013, EPIC certification expires five years after successful completion of the examination.

To Register

Click the registration link above for any upcoming classes that are listed.

Please note that advance registration and payment is required; unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any “walk-in” registrations.

For more information, contact or call 703-575-4477.

What's Covered

All covered materials are always included with your registration. The course covers, in extreme detail:

  • Manual D (Duct Design)
  • Manual J (Load Calculation)
  • Manual H (Heat Pump Systems)
  • Manual P (Psychrometrics)
  • Manual S (Equipment Selection)
  • Manual T (Air Distribution Basics)
  • Manual 4 (Perimeter Heating & Cooling)
  • Manual TT-102 (Understanding the Friction Chart)

Each participant receives copy of each manual covered as well as worksheets and forms for Manuals J and D, and psychrometric charts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are REQUIRED to bring a Windows-based laptop computer with you to the class.  If you do not bring one with you, we will not be able to provide you with one. And if you do not bring one with you, you will not be able to participate fully in the class, but we will be unable to provide you with a refund.