MIX Groups

ACCA's Management Information EXchange (MIX) Group program is an organized forum of ACCA National contractor members joined together to share ideas. Most groups consist of 8 to 10 non-competing HVACR contractors.  Almost always these contractors are the presidents, owners or heads of their companies.

MIX Group® members meet once or twice yearly and travel to each other’s companies for meetings. During the meeting, participants will review company policies, procedures, financials, advertising, strategies, service operations, and also share advice on other topics of interest. Contractors may not be from the same business area and participate in the same group.

What's the Benefit?

Networking! Networking! Networking!

ACCA’s MIX Group provides National contractor members with the opportunity to network with other non-competing ACCA National contractor members and to trade important and helpful business information.  Successful MIX Group programs are formed by ACCA National contractor members who are convinced of the value of contractor-to-contractor information exchange, and as a result of which achieve proven, documented results.  

Is a MIX Group Right for You?

Joining a MIX Group may require a lot of effort and interviews on the part of the contractor, so you must be prepared to travel to groups who contact you, and tell them what you can bring to their mix. ACCA DOES NOT PLACE CONTRACTORS IN MIX GROUPS. The group will invite you to join.

ACCA serves as the clearinghouse for interested contractors, and makes your information, once submitted, available to the group leaders on our website. The groups have very specific criteria that they are seeking in a contracting business, and openings in the existing groups are not common.

If contractors seek a faster route to a MIX Group, we strongly encourage these contractors to use a facilitator and start up a new group of their own. ACCA has engaged Larry Taylor, of Taylor Coaching, to enable this process. A long-time member and former ACCA Chairman of the Board, Larry not only helps put new groups together, but also provides materials and his expertise for the first year of start-up. For more information about facilitated MIX Groups, including fees, please contact Larry Taylor at larryt@washitapartners.com.

If you would like to be added to the wait list for a group to contact you, please download this profile form and return it to ACCA at mix@acca.org.

If you believe MIX Groups are for you, take this opportunity to establish strong and effective business contacts in other cities and states, and learn from other HVACR experts through sharing information about your business and the industry!


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