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Focused on Teaching an HVAC Concept With Your Time in Mind

ACCA's micro-learning videos are short, focused videos that aim to teach a single HVAC concept or skill. Our micro-learning video series is designed to be easily digestible and understandable so that HVAC staff can quickly absorb the key concepts such as troubleshooting and repair, system design, and system performance. These micro-learning videos are optimized for mobile devices, making them easy to access and watch on the go. Unlike traditional video training, ACCA's micro-learning series is designed to deliver targeted chunks of information that can be quickly digested and applied promptly. Also, our micro-learning videos are shorter and focus on one specific concept or skill at a time. This allows learners to absorb a particular concept swiftly without being overwhelmed by too much information. These unique training videos are included with your ACCA membership. Are you ready to increase revenue, reduce callbacks, reduce company liability and protect your brand within your community? If you answered yes, these valuable on-demand videos are for your HVAC business and staff.

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up-icon.pngAbout the Instructor

Matt Akins, ACCA Manager of HVACR Education, has sixteen years plus of HVACR experience, including five years as a technical trainer, teaching HVAC curriculum to hundreds of students across the country. He has managed all aspects of the training process, consisting of, designing classes for duct design, refrigeration, and HVAC system diagnostics as well as editing existing classes and making them current with current code and laws. 

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