Practical HVAC

HVAC Training For Enhancing Your Team's Performance

2.pngAnyone can sell another box. This course is for the team ready to ensure the whole system delivers the comfort your client wants! Learn the skills to help you lower pesky callbacks and elevate your company’s reputation as a problem-solver that delivers what they promise.

Learn how to improve your ability to install and commission systems, as well as how to improve sub-standard installations someone else put in. Students will learn how to quickly identify key issues that steal comfort, increase energy costs, and provide you with the chance to look like a hero!

This three-day course teaches to technicians and installers at every level. Are you new to the field? Learn fundamental skills that create good habits. Are you an experienced professional? Learn advanced techniques to diagnose problems faster and how to share solutions so your clients can enjoy peak performance.

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Want to get more out of Practical HVAC? 
For an additional $300 for non-members or $250 for members, add one day to your training to experience Technician & Client Communications! Does your company suffer from callbacks, client churn, low survey scores, below-average service tickets, and decreased leads? Then, ACCA’s Technician and Client Communication Training (TACCT) is the solution for you! This course is designed to fill the skill gap for technicians in customer service, oral skills, written communication, professionalism, work ethic, and critical thinking.

TACCT will teach students how to…

• Build Brand Consistency
• Build the Company’s Value Proposition
• Prepare Before Engaging with the Client
• Present Your Technical Discoveries to the Client
• Step-by-Step Instructions on Running a Successful Service Call
• Rapport Building with clients
• Building Sales Options
• Documenting an Invoice Correctly
• Overcoming Common Client Objections
• Plus, Much More!

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up-icon.pngWho It's For

Targeted to Service Technicians, Installers, Sales Advisors, Production Managers, and Service Managers interested in improving and meeting a consistent performance level. The course is designed to help you improve your performance level, reduce liabilities, increase knowledge, and ramp up sales.

up-icon.pngWhat is Covered

A successful transition to an improved and consistent performance level, reducing liabilities and increasing sales opportunities. Technical training developed by ACCA delivers the correct procedures to understanding how to perform a proper load calculation, designing a residential duct system, and methods for selecting and sizing residential cooling equipment.

  • Introduction to the types of heating and cooling loads
  • Protocols for making accurate load calculation
  • Issues/concepts related to designing conditions, load evaluation, and building construction
  • Summary of the Manual D procedures
  • Blower performance (variable-speed, variable CFM design; variable-speed, constant CFM design; altitude and temperature effects; inlet and discharge effects and noise).
  • System performance issues
  • Air distribution system design
  • Duct sizing calculations
  • System performance calculation
  • Attendees will understand Universal Building / Mechanical Code as it applies
  • Attendees will gain an understanding of the tools, usage, test procedures
  • Attendees will gain an improved vocabulary and definitions
  • Attendees will understand ACCA's standard of care for our industry
  • Attendees will gain an improved skill set of delivering the findings and options to the consumer

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up-icon.pngHow it Works

Practical HVAC Takes place over three days with approximately 8 hours of course time per day. Attendees can expect to cover a wide range of topics and should bring a notepad and writing utensil to take notes on.

Registration for Practical HVAC always includes the following materials: Practical HVAC workbook and an ACCA Duct Wheel.

Current tuition fee for Practical HVAC is $1,000 for ACCA members, $1,200 for non-members. 

up-icon.pngTo Register

To register for the class, click on any upcoming dates you see above under “Upcoming Classes.”

Please note that advance registration and payment is required; unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any “walk-in” registrations.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be submitted in writing to If you must cancel your attendance, you will be moved to the next available class. Requests for refunds will be handled on an individual basis. Any cancellations received under one month prior to the start of the class will not be considered for a refund.

For more information, contact or call 703-575-4477.

up-icon.pngAvailable CEU/CEH's

(CEU/CEH totals available as of 4/13/2021. These are subject to change, please check with pertinent organizations if there are any questions.)

NATE - 24 CEU's

up-icon.pngAbout the Instructor

Matt Akins, ACCA Manager of HVACR Education, has sixteen years plus of HVACR experience, including five years as a technical trainer, teaching HVAC curriculum to hundreds of students across the country. He has managed all aspects of the training process, consisting of, designing classes for duct design, refrigeration, and HVAC system diagnostics as well as editing existing classes and making them current with current code and laws.